Leadership Team


There’s little doubt our leadership team have the runs on the board. But now, together at Resimax, they are driven to pursue a singular vision. That is, to go beyond all expectations. That’s why their leadership is focused on empowering their team, creating opportunities and fostering a dynamic environment where personal and professional growth is ongoing.

Ozzie Kheir - Director

A property development entrepreneur with decades of industry experience, Ozzie is always looking for new development opportunities. His business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit have earned him wide respect in the industry and helped forge his reputation as an astute and innovative developer.

Ozzie founded in Resimax Group in 2008. Today, at any given time, Resimax controls over a thousand properties across Melbourne and has brands that are active in building, development, finance and lifestyle. 

Steve Hooker - Chief Executive Officer

Strong and innovative management, coupled with a fierce focus, are the qualities that set Steve apart. A former Captain of the Australian Olympic Athletics Team, and gold medal winner, he knows what discipline, commitment and hard work can achieve with strong leadership.

With an impressive series of senior management roles under his belt, Steve is now leading Resimax Group as it prepares for dynamic growth in its next phase of Australian and Asian expansion.

Darren Mehl - Chief Operating Officer

Darren is all about the big vision. And he has the dynamism and energy to turn that vision into reality. Over his many years of experience in the volume housing industry he has been instrumental in driving the development and growth of several of Australia’s best-known brand.

Darren is an experienced leader with a broad skillset and experience base, with particular expertise in sales, marketing, operations and developing go-to-market strategies.


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