About Us

Property Revolutionised

With offices in Melbourne and Southeast Asia, Resimax Group is universally regarded as one of Australia’s most dynamic, innovative and diversified property groups.

We passionately believe in a proactive approach in every facet of our business.

For Resimax Group, opportunities aren’t just found, they are created.

Working in the business together to build family homes in and around the northern suburbs of Melbourne, the dynamic duo came from humble beginnings and put every dollar they had into building their new business. They worked long hours and used any return to support their growing family, eventually having five children.

Throughout their childhood, Ozzie and his siblings watched “mum and dad” work tirelessly to ensure J & M Kheir Builders developed into a thriving small business. And whilst they were oblivious at the time, Joseph and Mary’s dedication and work ethic helped instil the same values in their children, all of whom now work together within Resimax Group.

In time, Ozzie went from working in the family business to investing in a block of land and delivering his first subdivision of 19 townhouses. Upon realising the potential of subdividing, Ozzie then formed a small development business called Northern Developments, and began building townhouses in and around the northern corridor of Melbourne.

And whilst some developers may have been happy with this scale, for Ozzie it was time to push harder and expand further. He acquired his first large-scale land lot in the suburb of Tarneit, in Melbourne’s booming western growth corridor, and subsequently developed 358 lots. This success ultimately led him to becoming Founding Director and CEO of Resimax Group – one of the largest privately-owned developers in Victoria.

Despite his prosperity and impressive achievements to date, Ozzie continues to go back to his family roots, crediting working alongside his parents in their business, and the values that were instilled in him as a young child, as the ultimate reason for his success and that of Resimax Group.