About Us


Resimax Group is committed to sustainable development, and we strive to conserve and enhance precious natural resources in our work.

Environmental Conservation Fund

OSEY Pty Ltd, a division of Resimax Group, was created to manage the environmental vision of the company through the acquisition of properties both independently and through partnerships with other landowners. Under strict guidelines imposed by Victorian Government legislation, OSEY preserves and rehabilitates native habitat on these properties to protect Australia’s unique flora and fauna.

As Resimax Group provides land and homes for our ever-increasing human population, OSEY purchases, restores and preserves land and habitat for precious native plants and wildlife. Maintaining this balance is vital for the Group and the wider community.

Project Initiatives

Class A
Recycled Water

Each household has two water supplies – drinking and Class A water. Recycled water is treated to Class A standard and is supplied to homes through purple-coloured pipes. Each property will have two separate meters, one for drinking water and the other for recycled water.

Water Treatment

Resimax Group has also developed an on-site recycled water treatment plant which converts Class C water into Class A for use on Eynesbury’s Golf Course. This significantly reduces the amount of fresh water required for irrigation and will ensure the golf course is looking green all year round.

Our Environmental
Conservation team

Our conservation team have an extraordinary breadth of experience, from working in national parks in the Northern Territory and public reserves around Melbourne, to maintaining conservation areas in South Africa, and even running animal shelters in the jungles of Ecuador. They are now bringing their conservation skills and expertise to the management of Resimax group’s OSEY conservation sites.