Capital Partners

A Proven

At Resimax Group, we believe that the right opportunities aren’t just found.
They are created.

We build deep relationships, apply unmatched expertise, and challenge norms to find new perspectives and deliver outstanding results.


Providing world-class services is just the beginning, our commitment to genuine partnership goes much deeper than that. We believe in aligning strategically with our partners, so we can achieve exceptional results for all. This profound approach has been key to us becoming the benchmark within the property development industry, and largest private land holder in Victoria.

Maximum Opportunity,
Minimum Risk

When you work with Resimax Group, you enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that we have an unrivalled risk team working across everything we do. From engaging investment partners to land acquisition, and throughout the project’s lifecycle, our experts are constantly assessing and mitigating risk. No one takes risk more seriously than we do.


We leave no stone unturned to deliver exceptional partner experience and outcome. So, under the Resimax Group banner you’ll find an entire end-to-end infrastructure committed to providing complete property solutions and support. Bringing all the elements ‘under one roof’ is a major advantage for investors. It guarantees streamlined, cost-effective, and optimised financial outcomes.

with us

At Resimax Group, we have a proven track record of rising to challenges that others can’t and turning our visions into reality. We take a holistic, long-term view and thrive on solving challenges better than our competitors. In any market conditions, we thrive.

Our revolutionary, end-to-end product offering generates advantages in all directions.

It opens doors to the property market for our clients and is a strategic investment solution vehicle for others. It gives us the control to be innovative and dynamic, and to address issues before they arise.

Resimax Group is uniquely placed to minimise investor risk while advancing opportunities to the fullest.

What our Capital Partners say

We have enjoyed a relationship with Resimax Group for the best part of a decade and have witnessed them go from strength to strength over that time.

They have achieved results on estates where others before them have struggled to get meaningful traction. I see this as being achieved through their drive, dedication, and vision to be different. They are also a close team which I see as a critical element to their success and ability to deliver great outcomes for all their partners.

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