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6 May/24

An interview with Resimax Group’s Community Development Manager, Ebbie Hungerford

Resimax Group’s Community Development Manager, Ebbie Hungerford, is a long-term Eynesbury resident after moving to the community with her family over a decade ago. Sharing Resimax Group’s commitment to fostering friendly, vibrant communities, Ebbie provides her insights into effective community engagement, Resimax Group’s innovative community development model, and the intricacies that make Eynesbury a unique place to live.

“My role is to be a presence in the community so that our residents have a place, a space, and a face to go to and discuss the past, present, and vision of the development,” said Ebbie.

With an on-site office above the historic Eynesbury Homestead, Ebbie and the rest of Resimax Group’s on-the-ground team are uniquely immersed in the local community.

“Being situated in such a community-centric location means that we’re able to gain a strong understanding of the wants and needs of our residents. People feel comfortable to approach us to ask questions and share feedback because we’re such a familiar and active part of the community.”

Alongside engaging with members of Eynesbury’s dynamic community, Ebbie uses resident feedback and data from local organisations to advocate for change with the appropriate authorities, such as the local council. This ensures the needs of the growing community are being serviced before they start to impact the wellbeing of its residents.  

“Our role is to support, create, and nurture the community and its natural surroundings, empowering residents to live their best lives in our developments. We believe in working together to make Eynesbury a better place for everyone,” said Ebbie.

To achieve this outcome and support the rapid growth of the Eynesbury Precinct Structure Plans, Resimax Group has adopted an asset-based community development (ABCD) model. This approach utilises the skills and resources of our community to create positive change and ensure every resident has access to the services and resources they need. Ebbie and the Eynesbury development team work with the community, local agencies, and businesses to create and deliver welcoming spaces for everyone to gather.

“Our goal is to build a strong, inclusive community where everyone feels supported and valued,” said Ebbie.

The ABCD framework delivers a multitude of short- and long-term benefits to residents, according to Ebbie.

“The immediate impact of this approach is that there’s a vibrant and fulfilling community that each member of the family can integrate into from the moment they move to Eynesbury.

“The long-term benefit is that the community we’re building will sustain long after the development. The sporting clubs, schools, infrastructure, and other community support initiatives that Resimax Group has helped institute will live on in this area forever, which makes this work incredibly fulfilling.”

While Ebbie and the wider team stay up to date with trends and insights from the wider community development industry, she has found the key to success is acting upon local community sentiment.

“Eynesbury is so unique that it sits apart from other developments in the industry, so rather than trying to imitate what has been successful in other cases, we focus on listening to what our community needs while working with the appropriate stakeholders to ensure these needs are met on time.”

As a passionate Eynesburian, Ebbie takes great pride in her contribution to the growing community.

“The best part of my job is being able to use my knowledge and experience to help shape the future of Eynesbury. Seeing my family and friends take part in the community I’ve helped to create is incredibly rewarding.”

“We have something really special here at Eynesbury, and if we foster that, it will sustain for a long time,” concluded Ebbie.

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