The property space is vast, complex and complicated, yet filled with wonder, diversity and opportunity. Think of Resimax at the centre of that great space, giving off light, life and energy.


We’ll let you in on a secret: successful property development is all about land. The right land, at the right price and as efficiently as possible. It’s also about having a constant supply of land too. Then it’s all about obtaining town planning permits quickly so you can start developing. Time is money, after all. Here at Resimax our track record with land is unparalleled. While our in-house town planning specialists, Planning Horizons gets things moving fast.


With a bewildering array of moving parts, development management can be a complex beast. One needs experience, resourcefulness, tenacity and the right skill-set. In Gareth Jones, we’re fortunate to have one of the best in the business leading our development team. Gareth has delivered some of Victoria’s largest and most successful projects for developers including Stockland and Cedar Woods.


Inspired master planning defines our residential developments. We integrate site planning, architecture, landscaping and recreational space to create a unique sense of place and community. We draw on the expertise of multi-award-winning Hachem Australia for architecture and interior design. While using our own in-house drafting company, Archtek, enables us to continually refine designs to meet customer needs. 


We base our sales and marketing approach on one central tenet: understanding our customer and their needs and wants. Because once we truly understand our customer, we can then tailor our sales and marketing approach for maximum efficiencies and effectiveness. We continue to develop proprietary digital technologies that drive customer interactions and successful sales outcomes. Initiating the marketing and sales process is Ken Dodds, whose decade-long experience has seen him articulate the Resimax property development vision to countless investors.


Our building and construction experience is impressive by any measure. Spanning two generations of the Kheir family, the 40+ years of experience encompasses every aspect of home and commercial construction. But what truly sets us apart is our uncompromising adherence to a high level of care. Each and every Resimax home and project is built under the watchful eye of Managing Director Victor Kheir and Building Manager James Farrar who ensure they are built on time, on budget and to the highest quality standards.


Leap Real Estate provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution for our clients. Under the capable leadership of Executive Officer in Control, Catherine Dodds, the team of in-house property managers and account administrators provide a range of property management and tenant placement services. Tailored specifically for each client and to the lifecycle of their investment, the end-to-end solutions that Leap Real Estate provide will maximise the desired property outcome.


We’re always open to new possibilities. Let’s chat.