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Our mission is simple: empower and educate people to take decisive action to secure their financial future. Our seminars and property tours are just the beginning of that journey. We actively mentor and guide our clients through every aspect of property investment. And our reward program enables people to accelerate their investment plans.

Our Advantage

Affording amazing opportunities, our relationship with Resimax Group enable us to offer end-to-end solutions including bespoke investment product, finance & property management. While our exclusive Triple 5-10-20 Year Guarantee maximises rental return & capital growth.

Our three-step method

1/ Education

The key to successful property investment is knowledge. That’s why we’re so focussed on education. Our property experts provide our clients with everything they need to know about an investment. Because it’s only through knowledge that you can confidently take action.

2/ Action

We equip our investors with all the information, insights and confidence to take immediate action. Because taking action is about capitalising on timing and market conditions. Fortune doesn’t only favour the brave, but also the decisive.

3/ Success

Through education and action, you’re well on your way to success. We endeavour to assure that success with our 6-Point Property Selection System. Tried and tested over many years, our system ensures you minimise risk and maximise capital growth and return.

Exclusive Reward Program

Created to help our clients reach their financial goals, the market-leading Maxi Rewards program offers immediate and tangible benefits. Everything is geared around accelerating the investment journey and maximising the property investment potential. Members enjoy a range of exclusive benefits, like trips to Australia, mentoring and cash rewards.

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Senior leadership

Ken Dodds


Ken Dodds

One of Australia’s most experienced property professionals, Ken Dodds is the driving force behind Resimax Group Investor. For more than a decade Ken has mentored, advised and guided people seeking to gain knowledge and take actions that will create wealth and security for themselves and their families through property investing.

Ken’s reputation as a respected international speaker at property investment seminars across Australia, New Zealand and Asia has been built on his in-depth knowledge of the property industry and his experience as a full-time property developer.

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