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Headquartered at Resimax Group in the heart of Melbourne, we share a home with some of Australia’s most dynamic property brands. Our unique investment perspective is framed by being directly connected with the coalface of property, development and construction. And the way we go about our business is as time-honoured as the 125-year-old building we call home.

Our investment strategy

We provide equity to well located developments underpinned by strong fundamentals. In selecting our investments, we consider macro environment & local factors, along with all details concerning the acquisition, development, sales & marketing.

Our values


We aspire to become our clients’ primary source of wealth creation. Aligned and in-tune, we consider everything we do to be a partnership. We even invest in our funds alongside our clients.


We’ve reduced the moving parts to a minimum. There are no middlemen, no layers, no external parties. Everything is under one roof. That makes us responsive, transparent and accountable.

Property Smarts

We don’t just invest in property. Our association with Resimax Group and its key partners means we’re at the coalface of property development. And that’s across every aspect of the property spectrum too. We even invest in our own funds.

Meet our leaders

Managing Director

Michael Tamvakologos

Michael’s professional passions are real estate, fund management and the law. Along with being regarded as one of Australia’s leading lawyers, Michael is an experienced investor and fund manager.

Uncompromising in establishing the fundamentals of an investment, Michael marries that meticulous approach with genuine care for his clients. As well as leading the capital business, he invests in each of the funds himself.


Josie Ludwig

With 15 years at the helm of Resimax Group's finances, Josie has mastered the art of balancing cashflow and maximizing investments. As a trusted advisor, she has helped unlock growth opportunities and navigated complex financial landscapes through her accounting firm and consulting services. From pioneering Australia's first House and Land Build-to-Rent fund to overseeing a billion dollars’ worth of development land acquisitions, her strategic expertise has delivered tangible results.

Josie blends commercial acumen with strategic thinking, while prioritising governance and deliverable outcomes. Through innovative approaches to funding structures, investments, tax optimisation, and operational efficiency, she consistently delivers exceptional results whilst driving the funds to achieve their best.

General Manager

John Koutsodontis

John has a strong banking and finance background, assessing and organising debt funding for developers for 33 years. He has managed funding within the Resimax Group for over five years and can navigate the most complex funding arrangements.

John manages debt for over one billion in land and assets for the Group. He has a strong focus on delivering funding on time and to its fullest opportunity. His wealth of knowledge and ability to understand and assess complex developments with valuers to ensure the viability of any project ensures essential due diligence efforts are adhered to.

Our projects are currently fully funded

To find out more, or to register your interest for future investments, contact us.

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