Senior Leadership Team


An entrepreneur and businessman with extensive experience across many industries including, hospitality, media and property, Ozzie is always looking for new opportunities to diversify and grow. His business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit have earned him wide respect in the industry and helped forge his reputation as an astute and innovative developer.

Founded in 2008, Resimax Group is now one of Australia’s leading property groups. With a diversified family of brands and affiliated companies covering every aspect of the property spectrum, Ozzie’s vision for Resimax extends far beyond the limits of the traditional property development company. “I’m building brands with strong reputations for quality and value,” he says, “and providing customers with a one-stop-shop – a company that comprehensively covers all their needs, at every stage of the property business.” And driving Ozzie’s vision is his spirit of collaboration, his strong family values and his belief in always putting customers first.


Steve’s always been an overachiever, from the time he held his first vaulting pole in his hand. With his outstanding sporting record and an Olympic gold medal, he literally goes above and beyond. And his drive to achieve isn’t limited to sport. In the year he’s been CEO of Resimax, he has driven immense change and growth for the business.

With an extensive background in senior roles in the property industry, Steve retired from professional sport in 2013 and decided to turn his hand to something that combined his passions for entrepreneurship, creativity and property development. With a core focus on delivering positive customer experiences, Steve works on a range of diverse offerings aimed at the first homebuyer market. Most recently, he’s seen his vision come to life with two brands aimed at those entering the market for the first time. “It’s a jungle out there for first homebuyers,” he says, “Tick Homes and Firstly are all about simplifying that difficult process of the first purchase, and delivering high-value yet affordable options.”

Steve still keeps a finger on the pulse of the sporting world and recently travelled to the Gold Coast with the Channel 7 crew to commentate on the Commonwealth Games.


Many people have great ideas, but very few can implement them like Darren. Bringing innovative ideas to life is Darren’s passion, and at the core of this is always the same goal: to return the best possible result for the customer.

Now a stalwart in the property industry, Darren’s love for construction and his ability to understand the customer has led him to see through a number of successful first homebuyer launches including Metricon’s HomeSolution brand and EasyLiving by Carlisle Homes. Throughout his years of experience, Darren has focused on the first homebuyer market, delivering initiatives that assist this complex and highly competitive demographic. “You have to have a strong understanding not only of their needs, but also their aspirations,” he says. “When you sell to the first homebuyer you’re selling more than just a property – you’re selling a lifestyle, with all the hopes and dreams that entails.”

With his extensive experience and skillset, there’s no better place for Darren to be than Resimax Group, where he’s delivering game-changing offerings for first homebuyers. Tick Homes and Firstly are his latest projects, both of which aim to streamline the often-difficult process of buying a property for budding first home owners.


If you’re interested in joining us here at Australia’s most innovative and dynamic property development group, check out who we are, to find information about what it’s like to work at Resimax.