We are a real estate investment management firm operating across the country. We seek to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors across the property cycle with a view to long term value and wealth creation. We, and our clients and partners, think long-term. Our clients are investors, not speculators.

Ozzie Kheir

Michael Tamvakologos
Managing Director, Resimax Group Capital

Steve Hooker
CEO, Resimax Group


Investment, not speculation

Our investments aim to achieve target returns across the property cycle, not only when property prices are increasing. We invest in real estate that is underpinned by strong fundamentals.

Transparency and communication

We believe investing is not just about the outcome, but about the process. We work with our investors, we do not “manage” them. We communicate promptly and according to investor preferences.

Relationships, not transactions

We want our investors to invest with us over the long term, and for us to be a source of their wealth creation. We also aspire for the process, the journey, to always be a positive one.

Alignment of interest

We invest alongside our investors and have “skin in the game”. We believe that our focus is a key advantage. We also utilize a simple fee structure that ensures that our business success depends on our investors objectives being achieved.

Experience and accountability

We believe strongly in the power of people. We hire the best and give them all the tools and resources they need to deliver for our clients. The Resimax Group team is experienced at all points across the property development spectrum. For more information see our capabilities


We work with our investors with a philosophy of partnership, in an environment of mutual trust and transparency.

Our co-founders and key personnel invest in our projects and have “skin in the game”, part of the reason for our alignment with our investors.

Our association with the Resimax Group and its key partners means that every project is managed with a strong focus on both risk and value – from deal sourcing, to development, sales, marketing and funding: we believe every detail matters and our investors are not just investing in real estate: they trust us to deliver under all market conditions and across the property cycle.



RGC’s investment strategy is simple: we provide equity to high quality, well located developments underpinned by strong fundamentals.

In selecting our investments we consider both the macro environment and local factors, as well as all details concerning the acquisition, development, sales and marketing of each project.

RGC’s debt funds provide investors with stable returns on terms established on a project by project basis.




Our projects are currently fully funded.
If you wish to register your interest to invest with us in the future, please email Michael Tamvakologos, Managing Director, Resimax Group Capital




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Resimax Group Capital and its related entities provide financial services to wholesale investors under Australian Financial Services Licence No. 428 289. Resimax Group Capital is licensed by Melbourne Securities Corporation Advisory AFSL (480649) to provide financial services offered by Resimax Group Capital.