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Delivering amazing products and services, our family of dynamic brands span the entire property spectrum.


Resimax Group is at the centre of our property universe. Orbiting it is our dynamic family of brands. Interrelated yet independent, they cover every aspect of the property lifecycle. Each brand is committed to going beyond. This is the Resimax Group universe. This is the Resimax Group way.

We created Tick Homes as a brave new world for first homebuyers. Our mantra says it all: let’s do this! And we do it like no other homebuilder. Everything about building a new home has been completely rethought and reimagined to put the customer in control. Affordable, empowering and inspiring, we’re here so more people can get that ‘first home feeling’.

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Specialising in property management, rentals and sales, Leap Real Estate has total dedication to achieving the best possible property outcomes for all their clients. Real service. Real people. Real outcomes. Honed by decades of experience of exceeding customer expectations, their approach is transparent, caring and genuine. You’ll find the team at the state-of-the-art Tick Space experience centre.

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Founded over 40 years ago, JMK has a stellar reputation for quality, customer service and on-time completion. Covering the construction spectrum from house renovations and first homes, to high-end hotel fit-outs, a dedicated father and son team of master builders is at the heart of JMK.

Harnessing all of Resimax Group’s resources and capabilities along with those of major finance partners, Firstly is a revolutionary new path to home ownership. But more than that it allows people to settle in the community where they want to live in while they’re saving for a deposit.

There’s only one thing that’s better than investing in bricks and mortar. That’s investing in a property from Resimax Group Investor. We’re totally geared around the needs of investors. Our industry-leading Triple 5-10-20 Year Guarantee underlines that promise and commitment.

Our specialist team of Malaysia-based experts are on-hand to assist offshore investors in all aspects of their property journey. Leveraging the might of the Resimax Group, they are able to provide exclusive purchase opportunities in Australian.

A real estate investment management firm operating across the country. Resimax Group Capital seek to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors across the property cycle with a view to long term value and wealth creation.


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