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Property Power Workshops are hosted by Resimax,
an Australian success story, controlling over $600 million
in property assets and their own development company.

In the past two years alone, the Resimax team has helped investors secure more than 600 residential properties.

Many of those investors have already seen growth of 20 to 30% on their properties and a significantly greater return on their money. Now we’re inviting you to see how to make acquiring an investment property EASY, SAFE and AFFORDABLE.

Last year Resimax held Free Property Power Workshops in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Auckland.

We run these workshops at our own expense to not only help you get insider knowledge into the Property Investing game but to also expand our emerging brand as one of Victoria’s rising star privately owned Property Development Companies. This is something we are extremely proud of.

We take you through what we do which has made us such a big success in property development and then we give you the opportunity to join us in our current and future developments. We believe we are so good in what we do that we confidently offer you our 5-10-20 guarantee, which is a first in Australia.

We will show you how to:

Buy a property that is positive cash flow, and yet still offers you the benefits that come with negative gearing.

Secure and protect your property, no matter what happens in the wider market or even in the global economy.

Secure an investment where the building price is frozen for up to five years, ensuring you can settle with safety and comfort.

Buy land ‘off-the-plan’ and at wholesale prices with
long settlements.

Secure your first investment property for only $1,500; fully legal, fully manageable and financially affordable.

Take the risk out of investing with our own
5-10-20 Guarantee.

Your Property Power team of specialist speakers includes:

Ken Dodds - Development

Resimax Group, Ken Dodds is uniquely qualified to offer insights and guidance to anyone wishing to improve their ability to identify, research and negotiate solid real estate deals. Ken has earned a reputation as a respected international speaker at property investment and development seminars around Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

With a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, Ken is a full-time property developer, investor and mentor working with those who wish to create wealth and security for themselves and their families through property investment.

Adrian Gurney - Investment

Adrian has had over 25 Years active experience in the Real Estate industry, earning a Top 5 Sales Achiever award in his first 1st Year.

In just 18 months he became a Branch Sales Manager moving on to own and operate a national Real Estate Business. A TAFE Course Guest Facilitator, in 2016 Adrian joined with Resimax as a Business Partner.

Resimax see their role as providing you with next-level
property investment knowledge that allows you to confidently take
advantage of the current opportunities available in today’s market.

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Our independent industry experts will give you
the answers to the most commonly asked questions such as:

  • Finance
    • What is the right finance structure for an investment property?
    • When is the right time to add to my property investment portfolio?
  • Taxation
    • What can I claim?
  • Depreciation
    • How Do I claim for depreciation allowance?
    • My property is renovated, can I still claim depreciation?
    • How much tax will I save?
  • SMSF
    • How do I use my super to acquire an investment property?
    • What are the advantages of using my SMSF?
  • Land off the Plan
    • What are the benefits of buying land off the plan?
  • Quantity Surveying
    • Why do I need a Quantity Surveyor?

As well as give you tips and strategies
currently used for:

  • Rental Agreements
  • Property Law
  • Land Developing

FREE Property Power events

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When you attend our free Resimax Property Power Workshop you will receive our Property Investor Pack which includes:

  • 8 step guide to buying property valued at $199
  • Property Investor Health Check valued at $150
  • Richmond Law voucher to the value of $200
  • Resimax Keyring, Pen and Writing Pad

Resimax is the ONLY company to provide these unique property investment safeguards.
Once we show you how these safeguards work you will be amazed and will never invest in property again without them!

Resimax property investors are guaranteed peace of mind with our unique:

  • > We guarantee your price no matter what happens to the market or global economy.
  • > Never have to worry about your investment again.
  • > Will never be less than your purchase price.
  • > It’s your insurance policy.
  • > 10 year rental guarantee.
  • > Your property will not be vacant.
  • > No stress, no worries, simply watch your bank account grow and you do nothing!
  • > We are so confident in our builders we guarantee our homes structure for 20 years.
  • > In 45 years of building our houses we have never had any issues or house damage claims…ever! That’s a peace of mind.
  • > We have strict quality control and stand by the product we endorse.