Rivergum Point


Rowan Drive, Kealba, Vic 3021

Resimax was fortunate to be able to acquire a small wedge of land adjacent to a large heritage-listed natural bushland reserve adjacent to the Maribyrnong River in the City of Brimbank.  The site for Rivergum Point is at the highest elevation of the western plains along the banks of the river.  From this vantage point, the site has an unsurpassed panoramic view across the park towards the city skyline beyond.

The Rivergum Point development consists of 44 building allotments in 2.6 hectares, providing an average lot size of 393 square metres. Its unique location between established suburbs and the 361 hectares of Brimbank Park has enabled the designers to develop a residential housing estate with a unique character completely in keeping with its proximity to natural bushland.

Landscaping the site blends the walking and cycling trails and aboriginal heritage of the Park directly into the streetscapes of the housing estate, creating a community master-plan unique to a suburb so close to the city centre.

The houses In the Rivergum Point estate include a diverse mix of contemporary single and double storey homes ranging in size from 16 sq to 28 sq. Each purchaser has the option of choosing from a base level building design specification or upgrading to an enhanced specification package.


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